Senior Design Projects

A senior design project is a major project designed to bring the knowledge gained from various courses together to analyze, design and implement an electronic and/or communications system in an efficient and economic manner.


Project Title Student(s) Year
Artificial Doorman Andrew Kreidle and Maram Salameh 2015
Integer-N Frequency Divider IC design Paul Ringlein 2015
Laundry Now Ryan Russell and Frank Monforte 2015
Passive Wireless Pavement Sensor Eduardo Williams and Arnulfo Pureco 2015
Prime Parking Josh Aguirre and Samuel Onojafe 2015
Self Powered GPS Helmet Casey White 2015
Smart Ozonator Graham Blacksmith 2015
Weather Satellite Receiver Alyssa Afa'ese, Alberto Martos and Joe Goren 2015
WIRD Jon Porrazzo, Campbell Smith and Erik Zaro 2015
Eye Guide Rafael Diaz, Joshua Disbrow and Luis Reyes 2014