Minor in Other Disciplines

  • Minor in CS: CS 210: Introduction to Unix (1) + CS 215: Programming II (4) + TAKE TWO Upper-Division CS Courses: (Total of 11-13 units)
    CS Course - Upper Div Units Pre-Req. Offering
    CS 351: Computer Architecture 4 CS 115 & EE 210* Fall/Spring
    CS 355: Database Mgmt Sys Design 4 CS 115 & CS 215 Fall/Spring
    CS 370: Software Design & Dev 4 CS 115 & CS 215 Fall/Spring

    *EE 210 is equivalent to CS 252
  • Minor in Math: Take one more upper-division Math course – See Mathematics, Minor
  • Major in Math: Take THREE more upper-division Math courses, equivalent to 11 extra units of MATH – See Catalog
  • Minor in Economics: - See Schedule of Classes

    The following are the courses required for completing a minor in Economics:

    • ECON 204 Introduction to Macroeconomics (4 units)
    • ECON 205 Introduction to Microeconomics (4 units)
    • ECON 217 Statistics for Economics and Business (4 units)
    • ECON 304 Macroeconomic Theory (4 units)
    • ECON 305 Microeconomic Theory (4 units)
    • ECON 317 Introduction to Econometrics (4 units)
  • Minor in Business Administration (For up to date information, visit Minor in Business Administration.)

    The minor consists of 5 required courses for a total of 20 units:

    • BUS 230A: Financial Accounting (4) (The equivalent could be taken in SRJC during summer.)
    • BUS 344: Organizational Behavior (4)
    • BUS 360: Introduction to Marketing (4)
    • BUS 370: Introduction to Managerial Finance (4)
    • BUS 451: Entrepreneurship/Small Business Mgmt (4 units), (Elective)

    All the above courses could be taken during summer.

  • Minor in German

    Take German to fulfill GE credits and have the opportunity to study abroad! Intern or Study in Germany!
    GER 101 (Beginning German, Fall) fulfills GE credit in Area C2, and also gives you the opportunity to apply for study abroad in Germany (for one semester or for a year)! You could take Engineering courses in English at a German University. Depending on the required level of German, you could also apply for an internship in Germany. Qualified students could have the opportunity to intern for companies like BMW, Lufthansa, Porsche, Bosch, and more! You could also enrich your studies and CV by minoring in German. If you study abroad, 3-4 German classes taken in Germany may count toward the German minor. Or, you could double-major in Electrical Engineering and German Cultural Studies, and up to 30 units taken in Germany (including EE, GE, and German courses) could transfer toward your second major. Enhance your studies in Electrical Engineering by adding German! Increase your job opportunities in the US, in Germany, and more!
    For more information see German Program or contact Dr. Michaela Grobbel.