Senior Design Projects

A senior design project is a major project designed to bring the knowledge gained from various courses together to analyze, design and implement an electronic and/or communications system in an efficient and economic manner.


Project Title Student(s) Year
Smart Vehicle Abdul Majid and Issac Rodriguez 2018
Solar Energy Monitoring System Randy Hania, Giovanni Azpeitia 2018
Stone Cold - Automated Home Brewing Grant Young, Matthew Hutchison, Nathaneal Magardie 2018
Athena Aaron Marquez, Jaime Ciriaco and Michael Dunn 2017
Data Harvester Taylor Jones, Abe Palmerin and Josh Papanicolas 2017
EdgeCube Power System Arturo Arcos, David House and Jeremy Shawlee 2017
Home Energy Consumption Kevin Suiker and Nick Soleil 2017
Kinect Motion Mapper Andrew Baldwin, Edson Hernandez and Gary Nguyen 2017
Multimode Optical Fiber Testbed Miah Crockett, Joe Nolan and Nader Srouji 2017
SMART Parking Nick Langworthy, Nate Horn and Robert Witkowski 2017