Senior Design Projects

A senior design project is a major project designed to bring the knowledge gained from various courses together to analyze, design and implement an electronic and/or communications system in an efficient and economic manner.

2024 Senior Design Students


Project Title Student(s) Year
Smart SMD Feeder Preston Blakely, Isiah Carr and Ryan Shumate, Industry Advisor: Mr. Juan Menendez, Quarterwave 2023
Smooth Power David Cheng, Nick Davis and Noah Mervine, Industry Advisor: Mr. Neil Hancock, Azonde 2023
Tremor Bench David Aragon, Tyree Hornbeck and Natalie Liang, Industry Advisor: Mr. Steve Price, Quarterwave 2023
Vaccine Monitoring System Geme Corrales, Francisco Maldonado and Jesus Perez Quintero, Industry Advisor: Dr. Deborah Roberts, SSU 2023
Wireless Power transfer for Cooperative Robotics Blake Janowicz, Jason Knight-Han and Andrew Terrazzas, Industry Advisor: Dr. Shun Yao, Skydio 2023
Ace Retriever Jaime Johnson, Trevor Lovelace and Conan Skeife 2022
Automatic USV-Based Long Range Water Quality Monitoring System Samuel Hobbs, Gabriel Nicholson and John Ohmer 2022
Cleanroom Monitoring System Nathan Candler, Tony Jang and Andres Rivera 2022
Parts Management System Vishal Dola and Adrienne Young 2022
Sonoma@RMC Walter Foster, Bryce Jensen and Forest Yllescas 2022