Senior Design Projects

A senior design project is a major project designed to bring the knowledge gained from various courses together to analyze, design and implement an electronic and/or communications system in an efficient and economic manner.


Project Title Student(s) Year
Sonoma@RMC Walter Foster, Bryce Jensen and Forest Yllescas 2022
Stream Disconnect Monitor James Lemos, Andres Luna and Jack Thornton 2022
Water Quality Monitoring System Perla Madrigal and Erick Maldonado 2022
acreFree (Automatic Wildfire Detection System) Jordan Johnson, Jacob Crispulo-Rojo and Izac Cervantes 2021
Autonomous UAV Pollination William Cowles, Alex Kudelin, and Shelby Liddicoet 2021
Centinel (The InfraRed Portal) Miguel Alvarez, Mohammed Azeem and Nasunami Oshiro 2021
Drone Flights Under Control Paul Meyer, Nicholas Gala, and Cameron Lopez 2021
HOTT (Hands Off Temperature Taker) Armando Santos-Landa, Adam Ortega and Thomas Swanson 2021
Pedestrian Spotter Michael Wiles, Jesus Lopez Ochoa, and Alexis Buenrostro 2021
Platform for Automated Capture and Storage of Breath Sensor Data Rania Saba, Gaven Hayden-Town, and Alex Sneed 2021