Senior Design Projects

A senior design project is a major project designed to bring the knowledge gained from various courses together to analyze, design and implement an electronic and/or communications system in an efficient and economic manner.


Project Title Student(s) Year
Standardized Automated Testing of Frequency Selective Surfaces Daniel Greisen, Joshua Paine, and Jesus Gonzalez 2021
The Seer Victor Madrid, Evan Peelen, and Tate Harsch-Hudspeth 2021
Volatile Organic Compound Profiler for Use in Future Glucose Monitoring Anthony Arjona Pech, Jonathan Cervantes, and Jessica Mellor 2021
Warehouse PHRAY, (Phased Array) Gun Natalie Valle Medina, Anna Banzer, and Karli Martin 2021
Autonomous Recharging of Aerial Vehicles Anthony Aboumrad, Joseph Haun and Alexander McGinnis 2020
Cellsight Daniel Gil, David Story and Blake Zuniga 2020
Smart Pedestrian Counter Sarah Chesbrough and Logan Lawerence 2020
The Florian Project Brandon Russel, Austin Salois and Corbin Shatto 2020
Bucky::Liner - Autonomous Rover to Paint Lines of Soccer Fields John Gonsalves, Sean Kavanagh and Hao Wu 2019
EMOTE - A Wearable for Remotely Tracking Emotional Behavior in Real-Time Priyanka Khera, McKenzie Maher and Alyssa Wright 2019