Cadence Tools in Teaching

Course Activities Cadence Products
EE 220: Electric Circuits Circuit simulation (DC analysis, transient simulation, AC analysis) Custom IC
ES 210: Digital Circuits & Logic Design Gate level simulation, Verilog/VHDL simulation Digital IC
EE 230: Electronic I Simulation of BJT, PN junction diode, MOS. Available technology: 0.18 um BiCMOS/CMOS from IBM Custom IC
EE 334: Microelectronic Circuits Integrated circuit design, noise analysis, linearity analysis, feedback analysis Custom IC
EE 430: Electromagnetic Theory and Applications Transmission line analysis, S-parameter analysis, Smith chart, microwave filters AWR and Custom IC
EE 493: Senior Design Project Entire design flow (system level analysis→ transistor level design→layout→verification(DRC, LVS, xRC) →Post-layout simulation→ Tapeout SiP and SPB
CES 522: VLSI Design System design through Verilog, transistor level design, layout Digital IC and Verification
CES 530: Analog and Digital Microelectronics Circuit simulation. Amplifier design Custom IC
CES 599: Research/thesis Thesis work Custom IC, Verification, Digital IC


Cadence Tools in Research

Cadence software is used by students and faculty at Sonoma State to build custom, analog, digital and mixed-signal circuits.

  • Low power operational amplifiers
  • Low power phase locked loop circuits


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