Keysight Holds a Workshop on Signal Integrity at Sonoma State University

September 17, 2018
From left to right: Ian Furniss, Mr. John Kikuchi, Mr. Tim Wang Lee, Jorge Munos, Kenneth Kleinsmith, Anthony Aboumrad, Geoff Thomas, Saumya Saxena and Lorin Nimri

On September 17, 2018, Chun-Ting "Tim" Wang Lee from Keysight Technologies held a workshop at SSU Engineering. The workshop introduced SSU Engineering students to basic analyses and concepts in signal integrity with applications using ADS software. The workshop is part of the ongoing skill-building workshops sponsored by the Engineering Science department and coordinated by Dr. Mohamed Salem. Students from the MSCES program and the EE-BS program participated in the workshop. Signal integrity analyses are essential for determining the quality of electrical signals, especially for high bit rate and long distance applications. Special thanks to Mr. Tim Wang Lee, an Application Design Engineer for High-Speed Digital Applications, and Mr. John Kikuchi, the University Program Manager at Keysight Technologies, for hosting the workshop.