Graduation with Departmental Distinction

To be considered for Graduation with Departmental Distinction, graduating engineering students must be nominated by at least one faculty member. Students can contact their faculty advisor to discuss their eligibility for Graduation with Departmental Distinction before their final semester. The nominated students must meet the following criteria:

  1. GPA
    1. Undergraduate EE students must have a minimum accumulated GPA of  3.00 and above and exhibited outstanding efforts and success in at least one of the areas listed below (2-4).
    2. Graduate MS-CES students must have a minimum accumulated GPA of about 3.40 and exhibited MULTIPLE outstanding efforts and contributions in at least one of the areas listed below (2-4).
  2. Service to the department and community, including assisting the department in various community and outreach activities, representing the department at different events, etc.
  3. Research and scholarly activities, including participating in summer academy, applying successfully for scholarship or grant, presenting at any technical conference or research symposium, etc.
  4. Leadership and organization, including active participation in one or more technical clubs, engaging other students in various engineering activities, organizing field trips, inviting speakers, etc.

Eligible students are highly recommended to discuss their nomination with their instructor or advisor no later than March 1st in Spring and October 1st in Fall. At least two other faculty members (total of three) must approve student's eligibility for the final approval. Final decisions will be announced no later than April 1st in Spring and November 1st in Fall by the engineering department.


Academic Year 2022/2023

  • Preston Blakely
  • Daniel Gil (MSECE)
  • Blake Janowicz
  • Jason Knight-Han
  • Natalie Liang
  • Alexander Sneed
  • Jorge Solorio (MSECE)
  • Andrew Terrazas
  • Andrew Wolfe


Academic Year 2021/2022

  • Nathan Candler
  • Joe Haun (MSECE)
  • Tony Jang
  • Gabriel Nicholson
  • Scott Parmely (MSECE)
  • Andres Rivera
  • Cameron Skaggs (MSECE)
  • Adrienne Young


Academic Year 2020/2021

  • Anthony Arjona Pech
  • Anna Banzer
  • Adam Ortega
  • Alexander Sneed
  • Gaven Hayden–Town
  • Jesus Gonzalez Villafuerte
  • Jonathan Cervantes
  • David Story
  • Jordan Johnston
  • Joshua Paine
  • Natalie Valle Medina
  • Rania Saba
  • Tate Harsch–Hudspeth
  • Thomas Swanson
  • Mohammed Ibrahim (MS-CES)
  • Olivia Piazza (MS-CES)



Academic Year 2019/2020

  • Anthony Aboumrad
  • Joseph Haun
  • Brandon Russell
  • Austin Salois
  • Corbin Shatto
  • David House (MS-CES)
  • Saumya Saxena (MS-CES)
  • Matthew Rosi (MS-CES)

Academic Year 2018/2019

  • Julio Jireh Alberto
  • Brandon Barron
  • James Normantas
  • Alyssa Wright