Engineering Students Visit Pocket Radar

September 14, 2018
From left to right: Olivia Piazza, Jireh Alberto, Ian Furniss, Carter O'Neal Priyanka Khera, Craig McGovern, Taylor Plorin, Dr. Ali Kujoory, Mr. Michael Vargas, Edwin Tran, Brandon Barron, Hao Wu, Kenneth Kleinsmith, Dr. Mohamed Salem and Mr. Chris Stewar

On September 14, 2018 SSU Engineering students were invited to visit Pocket Radar in Santa Rosa CA. The tour was part of Engineering Science Colloquium course arranged by Mr. Michael Vargas (an engineer in Pocket Radar and an Alumni of the engineering program at SSU) and Dr. Ali Kujoory. Several students from the Engineering Club and MSCES participated in the tour. Special thanks to Mr. Chris Stewart, COO and Co-Founder of Pocket Radar for arranging and guiding the tour. The tour was quite instructive to the engineering students. Pocket Radar Inc. designs, engineers and manufactures revolutionary speed tracking technology for a wide range of applications.