Engineering Challenges in Quantum Computing

Clayton Crocker
Dr. Clayton Crocker
Technical Business Development Lead
Quantum Engineering Solutions (QES), Keysight Technologies, CA
February 15, 2024

Abstract: Quantum computing has the potential to play a key role in future solutions to simulation, optimization, and machine learning problems. To realize this potential though, a number of technological hurdles must be overcome. In this lecture we will discuss what a quantum computer is, as well as many of the engineering challenges facing superconducting quantum computers.

Bio: Dr. Clayton Crocker received a PhD in Physics from the University of Maryland in 2018 for work on trapped ion quantum computing and ion-photon quantum networks. Since then, Clayton has been a member of the Quantum Engineering Solutions (QES) group at Keysight Technologies where he has worked on software and control systems for quantum computing groups around the world.