Guidelines to be a Successful Student

Some tips to be successful in class:

  1. Manage your time! If you are a full time student, consider school like a full time job where you will put in 40 hours a week. Expect this class to take up about 9 – 12 hours a week between coming to class, reading, studying, homework, etc. Plan study time into your schedule so you do not fall behind and to help you manage your time so you are not struggling at the last moment.
  2. Come to class! As college students, you will be held accountable to come to class and attend the lecture. This is your responsibility and obligation, especially as you are all in training to be a professional in the field you are studying. Studies show higher grades are correlated with high attendance rates. Don’t allow missing class to hurt your grade!
  3. Read the textbook! And not just to complete your homework assignments. The material in the book is essential for your understanding of the course material. There is too much content to cover in the class than in the time we have in lecture. Please see the schedule for the book sections we will be covering.
  4. Work on extra problems! These can be found in the back of the book. It is recommended working on these problems in addition to the homework assignments. Try out the problems on your own. If you get stumped, look in the textbook for reference and try the problem again. If you are still stumped, ask a fellow student and work on the problem together. If you are still stuck, go to tutoring or see your instructor.
  5. Tutoring! Students have access to free tutoring in physics and math. Take advantage of this opportunity! Please see the link to find a tutor through the Tutorial Center.
  6. Never miss an opportunity to ask your instructor a question. Attend your instructor’s office hours or email them!