Photovoltaic Microinverter Systems

Mark Baldassari

Mr. Mark Baldassari
Director of Codes and Standards
Enphase, Petaluma, CA

Thu, 02/01/2018

Abstract – Solar Power and Photovoltaic technology is advancing quickly in the industry. Enphase Energy is a leader in developing technologies to meet the market demands. This talk will introduce basic concepts around solar systems. It will address the disadvantages of traditional systems versus the advantages of advanced microinverters from Enphase Energy. Data communications plays a vital role for a modern system. Enphase Energy addresses these challenges with a multi-processor, advanced communication, architecture. Finally, energy storage systems are gaining acceptance in the market. In the near future these systems will be commonplace. Battery chemistry plays a significant role in defining performance, safety and cost. From home sized systems to utility scale.

Mr. Mark Baldassari has over 34 years’ experience in engineering and product development and over 10 years with Enphase Energy, where he holds the position of Director, Codes and Standards. Currently, he actively participates in a number of Codes and Standards development groups both internationally and domestically. Domestically, Mr. Baldassari regularly participates in IEEE 1547 series of standards development with emphasis towards improving the grid integration of PV systems. He is involved with Underwriters Laboratory working on the harmonization of UL and IEC standards and a Standards Technical Panel member for UL 1699B and UL 2703. Mr. Baldassari is an active member of the CalSEIA Codes and Standards and PV Industry Forum. He is very involved with the drafting of the 2020 NEC for articles 690 and chairman for article 705. Mr. Baldassari has bachelor degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from California State University Sacramento, USA.