An overview of IT Security Forensics

Prof. Manu Malek
IEEE Fellow & Distinguished Lecturer
Stevens Institute of Technology

Thu, 04/17/2008

Xtreme science and engineering-a national level research and technology overview

Dr. Mo Dehgani
Div. Leader of New Technologies Engineering Division
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Thu, 04/03/2008

Optical Access Deployments, Trends and Future Considerations

Mr. Jim Sackman
VP and CTO

Thu, 03/20/2008

Thin is Beautiful: Thin Film Transistor Technology and Circuits for Driving OLED Displays

Prof. Robert Bowman
Rochester Institute of Technology, NY

Thu, 03/06/2008

Voice and Video Over Wireless Networks

Prof. Jerry Gibson
UC Santa Barbara

Thu, 02/21/2008