Radar Technology: History and Future Trends

Chris Stewart

Mr. Chris Stewart
President & COO
Pocket Radar, Santa Rosa, CA

Thu, 09/05/2019

Abstract - Radar Technology has been around for over 100 years and has made a huge impact in our lives. This presentation will review the history of Radar Technology from the origins of Electromagnetics to present day applications in our everyday lives. It will also cover future developments and trends as this critical technology is being deployed in many new and exciting ways.

Mr. Chris Stewart is a Co-Founder and President/ COO of Pocket Radar Inc. His engineering and innovative mindset began early in life; he built his first radio transmitter at age eight and at age 16 he invented a novel radio-controlled switching system that won first place in a state-wide electronics competition. He then attended and graduated with his BS in Electrical Engineering from the Ohio State University. Since then Mr. Stewart has gained extensive experience building strong development teams and leading new product introductions. He spent 10 years as an R&D engineer at Hewlett Packard, developed multiple products including test system components used to calibrate every Radar system in the US Navy, has published multiple papers and technical articles and holds five granted patents with more pending. He is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), where he serves on the committee that sets all of the specifications for Law Enforcement Radar devices. In addition to serving as President and COO of Pocket Radar Inc., Mr. Stewart lectures in Electrical Engineering and Business Entrepreneurship at Sonoma State University (SSU), serves as chairman of the External Advisory Board for the SSU Makerspace, and is the Lead Industry Advisor for the Electrical Engineering Department. His latest roll at SSU is serving as the Entrepreneurin- Residence for the School of Business and Economics where he mentors aspiring entrepreneurs and students.