Design Aspects and Performance Parameters of Microwave Signal Sources

Salam Marougi

Dr. Salam Marougi
Expert Engineer
Agilent Technologies

Thu, 09/06/2012

Abstract – Signal Sources are critical parts of many test and measurement systems. They are required to generate well-controlled and calibrated signals to stimulate the device or the system under test to generate a calibrated response that can be measured to determine the device or system performance. Signal sources have evolved from a single continuous wave (CW) generator operating over a decade of frequency range to generators of highly complex and calibrated waveforms that will operate over multiple decades and well into the Microwave and Millimeter wave frequency bands. This seminar will introduce the basic concept of designing state of the art signal sources. The most important performance parameters will be discussed. Examples of such parameters are presented for state of the art signal sources.

Dr. Marougi has received his Master’s and Ph.D. Degrees from the University of Birmingham-United Kingdom in Electronics and Electrical Engineering. He has many years of academic experience in various Universities. He has taught courses for Santa Clara University and for The University of California- Berkeley Extension. For the past eighteen years, Dr. Marougi is working full time in the Hi-Tech industries. Currently he is with the Signal Sources Division of Agilent Technologies. His areas of interest are Test and Measurement, Signal Analysis, and Synchronization in Telecommunications. Dr. Marougi has published extensively in areas that cover Microwave Antenna, Signal Processing, and Phase Locked Loops.